We believe mastery of the heart is a never-ending exploration requiring an aspiration to reach one's full potential in health and being.


The science of precision formulation has inspired the creation of 

G-Cubed: Plant-Based Cardiovascular Support - precision that is founded in a scientific understanding of time & materials, their origins, and interactions with each other.






Infuse Your Life Health Inc employs the ever-advancing frontier of human knowledge in the creation of its products, but we also enable science itself, bringing the dimension of measured health to the exploration and discovery to new worlds. 


Heart Disease is the leading cause of death globally, killing more people that all cancers combined. It is also the #1 killer of women. 


A new way of thinking about strong heart health that fuels the soul. Helping to focus, inspire, and transport your mind and body to another dimension of what is possible. 




Innovation, Affordability, Convenience, Health & Wellness

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There is only ONE G-Cubed


Behind the Blue Bottle is a way of thinking about our place in the world and an aspiration to contribute value and impact. 


It is based on a fundamental belief in unlimited human potential, in continuous improvement, in always pushing the boundaries and taking the long-term view. Your contribution to the world through yourself truly has unlimited potential. 



Pushing the boundaries in what is possible for a Natural Health Product. Starting with our core values & principles combined with innovation, our goal is and always will be to enhance your lifestyle experiences through premier super natural health product solutions.



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