World Class Collaborations: Together We Achieve More


G-Cubed isn't just food and beverage ingredient; it's a testament to human ingenuity, a nod to the power of innovation, and a promise to your heart's well-being. It's a journey into the future of cardiovascular support.


Food and Beverage companies are in a never-ending state of innovation based on fast-paced competition.


Why compete when you can dominate your product category?


Services Offered:


  • Expert custom product formulation
  • Health claim regulatory through our expert 3rd party partners
  • Samples to perform your own product R&D
  • Product licensing: territory and other
  • World-wide shipping


Imagine If...

Through ingredient innovation, your brand created the FIRST Cardiovascular Support functional product in your category, putting an emphasis on heart disease prevention, pre-diabetes management, and natural energy? 

Collaborate with Infuse Your Life Health Products Inc, and inspire new growth and impact in uncontested markets. 

Together we can achieve category dominance together.