Product Features: No preservatives, gluten, fillers or artificial sweeteners

Enjoy the health benefits of Superfoods Ginger, Black Garlic, and Panax Ginseng in liquid form. The most versatile health product on the market today.

  • Boost Cardiovascular and Cell Health Performance
  • Promote Healthy Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Levels
  • Reinforce Healthy Glucose Levels
  • Combat Fatigue

All our ingredients are plant-based, sugar/caffeine/synthetic/aspartame and preservative free and 100% water soluble for quick absorption and results.

  • NPN Health Canada Approved: # 80076221


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Uncompromising Quality

Infuse Your Life

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple. A market flooded with too many choices, and not enough product transparency. Misleading labels, false claims and unneeded ingredients. Our relentless passions stems from the idea that there should simply be one, ever day high quality health product that delivers results.

Elegant and Refined

Infuse Your Life

To ensure we exceed your expectations, each process of the production function of each G-Cubed bottle has been developed to meet the very highest benchmarks of quality, effectiveness, purity, and performance

Infuse Your Life

The G-Cubed Movement

Our mission is to change the way people think about and consume health products and beverages.

Natural ingredients